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Meet the Team

Renee Dawe, PMP
Consultant || Founder
Renee is one of the consultants who heads up Resolve’s direction and vision. She has over 25 years of experience in leadership and management. Her specialty is in creating self-managed teams and leading organizations to effective change. She leverages a unique combination of energy and experience to make a difference in organizations. Renee is passionate about making an impact by building more efficient organizations that capitalize on the inherent talents of diverse teams. She and her husband have two children and live in Valrico, Florida.
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Tim Kane
Collaborative Consultant
Tim has a mind for seeing efficiency, automation and the end game. He looks at a problem and gets the big picture. His ability to develop unimaginable automation is extraordinary and he's been re-engineering business and developing business processes for 25 years.
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Stephanie Adair
Operations Management Consultant

Stephanie joined the Resolve team in 2017 as a business and financial analyst. She has worked for the world’s largest food and beverage manufacturer for the past 8 years in reviewing and building business performance. Stephanie thoroughly enjoys analyzing businesses and identifying success and opportunities and implementing plans to help achieve new levels of success. She enjoys spending her times outdoors hiking and running. Stephanie currently resides in Valrico, FL.

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Chris Lawing, CPA
Collaborative Consultant

Chris has over 30 years of experience as a CPA. He has worked successfully in many corporate environments from small sole proprietors to Fortune 500s -- experience that prepared him to work in wide array of company cultures where his leadership, effective diplomacy and strong communication skills are highly valuable. Through his career he has built extensive experience in industries including automotive, construction, education, energy, healthcare, hospitality, insurance, racing, technology, manufacturing, real estate, retail and wholesale distribution.

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Seth Reid
Instructional Designer
Seth is the Instructional Designer at Resolve. His job is to design courses and platforms that engage students with learning material that they can understand and effectively apply to their life and work. He's also the blogrunner here at Resolve. That mostly means that he picks the pictures for the posts. He is also an avid fan of chess and loves to study history. He is currently based in Jackson, Tennessee.
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Danielle Rickard
Processing Analyst

Danielle joined the Resolve team in 2017 as a Processing Analyst for our insurance clients. She has spent the last two decades in customer service and brings a love for people to the Resolve team and our clients. Danielle has appreciated the ability to learn something new every day at Resolve while working from home so that she can be present for her daughter. When she’s not working, Danielle loves to be outside and with family.

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Sandy Lee
Performance Coach

Sandy has been a key partner with Resolve since 2015 and is a dynamic teacher, coach and productivity consultant. She is known throughout her community for igniting purpose-filled personal transformation. She is gifted at delivering powerful and actionable strategies along with transformative tools for both individuals and businesses. In Sandy’s spare time, she enjoys loving on and squeezing the cheeks of her grandbabies. She also loves spending time with her church family, cooking, refinishing old furniture, gardening, and going to the beach.

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At a Glance

Resolve Professional Services shares Renee Dawe’s 25-plus years of project management, functional management and business analysis experience. Our chief partner Tim Kane also has 25-plus years of functional management, technical development, data and business analysis expertise.
As an operational management consulting organization, our focus is always on “People”, “Process” and “Solutions”; first distinguishing that without the human asset segments invested, engaged and possessing the appropriate skills set, there can be no attainable way for an organization to achieve efficiency, reduced cost, increase revenue or maintain customer satisfaction!

Our Approach

Our approach starts with discovery by objectively analyzing the leadership styles and capabilities from the top down, firmly understanding the culture, human capital abilities, to include assessing both procedural and technical alignment.  The result of this effort allows us to disclose and addresses disparity amongst leadership and the workforce so that goals and objectives can be established to address them.  Beyond the discovery phase, a plan is created which outlines the various structural reconfigurations necessary to ensure resource are positioned effectively, processes and technology are aligned and there are mechanisms in place to proactively monitor operational health.

Our Viewpoint

We believe each business entity and leader within it has an obligation to the serve and meet the needs of their customers. Our certainty in achieving this objective first starts with creating a team of individuals who trust their employer to provide a fostering, secure and stimulating environment that supports their own personal, intellectual and professional growth objectives.


  • We recognize that our relationships best prosper when all parties are accountable to our goals and our members are doing their best.
  • We believe that our co-workers are like family and we strive to treat each other with patience, respect, and love. We may get frustrated, but we care for each other here.
  • We want people to grow, we believe that happens when people learn how to be a part of the solution, not just receive the solution. We strive to teach a man to fish.
  • We promote autonomy in our employees, asking them to see problems and fix them without needing to be asked.
  • We care about the things we do, and all our work has our personal touch.
  • Not only what, but how we do things matter. At Resolve, we do all things with integrity.
  • We believe the future has great possibility and we are determined to be a forward-thinking organization.
  • We are oriented towards our employees’ growth.
  • Our leaders are engaged with their people, involving themselves fully in their employees and projects.
  • Our leaders understand themselves as servants to the people they lead.
  • Our people approach their work with relentless determination and do not give up when the going gets hard.
  • We are precise in our labors and do not overlook the details.
  • We are clear about our goals and we seek clear results.
  • Our processes and solutions are thorough and do not leave gaps or holes.