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Resolve Professional Services specializes in mission-critical initiatives; particularly when skillset gaps exist and demand exceeds capacity. Our consultants take into consideration that market forces, across every industry, require organizations to find ways of doing things better, smarter, and quicker. We combine our operational, process, and financial management expertise with our technological capabilities to support our clients in creating an environment of absolute operational efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability.


Whether you need long or short-term resources, our team has the flexibility and talent to accommodate the needs of your project. We manage, monitor, and control every aspect of the project to include scope, deliverables, timelines, budgets, and communications; we resolve issues, negotiate conflicting priorities, and possess the leadership capabilities required to successfully guide, manage, and support any size project.

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  • Project & Portfolio Management
  • Project Review & Recovery
  • Requirements Management
  • Integration Management
  • Performance Management
  • Governance & Oversight


All businesses, even those selling the same widget or providing the same services, have unique processes. When those processes are first designed, they begin with a common goal that typically consists of superior, high-quality services and products designed around a repeatable process that is both effective and efficient. As time goes on, however, products, services, policies, resources, and technology all change. The result of these changes simply transforms what was once a well-defined process into a set of activities that no longer make sense.

Our approach to process management is to work collaboratively with organizations and teams from top to bottom.  We assess all manners of business process/workflow and quickly identify excess and workarounds. Then working together, we develop new or reengineer core business processes and restore operational efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability.

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  • Standardization, Simplification, & Optimization


Financial insight allows you to confidently understand if your business is profitable or approaching bankruptcy. The level and detail of insight organizations need is in no way a “once size fits all” concept and is shaped very differently depending on your organizations size.  However, in any case, it involves delivery of an effective performance management framework, understanding of key business drivers, and the challenging business decisions around these drivers. Balancing the tension of every financial demand means keeping an eye on the details, juggling priorities, and making sure your finger remains on your company’s pulse—knowing where you stand at all times.

Our Certified Public Accountant partners with owners and C-level management to evaluate past performance of the organization in order to gain insight into future opportunities and the accompanying short and long-term financial strategies, needs, objectives, and requirements of the organization. Once all the necessary components are identified, we analyze and prepare insightful reports, dashboards, and other tools that help to foresee financial challenges and opportunities for the organization.

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  • Break-Even Analysis
  • Budget-to Actual Reporting
  • Cash Flow & Working Capital Forecasting
  • Cost Management
  • Debt Planning & Reductio
  • Financial, Process, & Technical Gap Analysis
  • Financial Reporting
  • Labor Cost Management


It’s fair to say that incorrect or inadequate data can wreak havoc on any organization and the departments within them.  Lack of understanding and/or faulty data flowing into any decision-making process can cause companies and departments significant financial loss, missed opportunities, and a constant need to react to fires rather than prevent them by focusing on tasks and objectives that actually bring value. By having correct and reliable data at their disposal, companies can be proactive and see opportunities for next steps, thereby increasing productivity and ultimately profitability.

By performing thorough business process reviews, our analysts will be able to review findings and then design (or redesign if needed) how to effectively and efficiently present accurate data for informed future actions needed while streamlining the way in which processes are performed. Our business analysts will take the lead role in gathering, documenting, and managing business requirements. They will review existing data to show trends and potential discrepancies while providing data insight and creating reporting structures to help support the department and organization.

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  • Business Case Development
  • Eliciting and Documenting Fundamental & Technical Requirements
  • Requirements Translation
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Trend Identification & Reporting


An organization with antiquated or multiple systems can be costly to support and can cause confusion and frustration; not to mention enormous inefficiencies that hinder decision-making and productivity. System Integration is a process or phase within technical projects, where subsystems (software applications) are essentially joined as one.

Our consultants are exceptionally skilled at offering front-end expertise, back-end technical depth and industry best practices. We provide both technical and business analysis and specialize in closing the communication gap between the end user and the software back end. Resolve will handle from soup to nuts, all the moving parts of the integration process.

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  • Project Management/Business Analysis
  • Detailed (technical and functional) Requirements Gathering & Documentation
  • Integrated Table, Field, & Data Mapping
  • Data Verification & Testing


The skill, investment level, and very existence of our people determines how successful and profitable we can be as an organization. That should not be a revelation to any of us. However, we often minimize the significance of intentional training and development.

Resolve works with companies to understand their culture and determine specific training needs. Our practical approach, style, and methods help employees develop skills they can use immediately. Our training acts as fertilizer to the organization and its growth.

We recognize each company and individual has different training needs—whether you have personal or professional development goals, we will meet you right where you are.

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  • Leadership & Team Development
  • Performance & Productivity
  • Organizational Culture & Employee Engagement
  • Change Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Active & Follow Through Support Strategy & Development