Teach a Man to Fish

How do you move your company from a successful small business to a regional powerhouse?

Hello! My name is Seth Reid and I am the Instructional Designer here at Resolve Professional Services. We are an operations management consulting organization. We have expertise within insurance technology, blue-collar work environments, and operations management. We want to give that expertise to you.

And so we’re launching a blog. We’re doing this because we want to talk with you more often. The question at the top is the driving question of this blog. If you have found true success, but in a limited sphere, we want to help you breach the gap. We want you to take your company from your limited sphere and realize its potential on a large scale. We help our clients do this every day but we want to write this down and give it to anyone who wants it. So, since that question at the top is what drives us, let me give you the structure of our answer.

We move from limited to growing success by focusing on people, process, and solutions.

People are the resources in our companies that matter most. But that’s too simplistic. People are our greatest resources. They are the ones who raise our profit margin. But they do not just make things possible, they make things matter. At Resolve, we believe that people are not just the means, they are the ends. This means two things for us: 1) people are the way that you bring your business into amazing and growing success and 2) people are the reason you should care to do that. We believe having the right view on people enables companies to move forward.

Process is the way we move forward. Process is our strategies, our tactics, and our structure. When working with our clients, we refuse to approach their problems with the assumption that any one-size-fits-all solution will work for them. We craft specific solutions for their specific needs. And yet, we build those solutions with certain principles in mind. Principles remain the same, while strategies, structures, and tactics change based on individual needs. What you’ll get in this blog is our principles, and we’ll flesh them out through illustrations and examples.

When you put both those together, you get solutions. A right emphasis and understanding of people and the right approach to your process ends with good solutions. After reading this blog and applying what we advise, you will see solutions.

These three components are why we named this blog Teach a Man to Fish. We believe that success comes through teaching people how to engage in right processes.  We want to help people achieve the most meaningful and effective work possible. Thus, as the adage goes, we want to teach men to fish.

This is who we are and what we believe, corporately. But I’d like to introduce the individuals who will be writing on this platform.

Renee Dawe
Renee is one of the consultants who heads up Resolve’s direction and vision. She has over 25 years of experience in leadership and management. Her specialty is in creating self-managed teams and leading organizations to effective change. She leverages a unique combination of energy and experience to make a difference in organizations. Renee is passionate about making an impact by building more efficient organizations that capitalize on the inherent talents of diverse teams. She and her husband have two children and live in Valrico, Florida.
Stephanie Adair
Operations Management Consultant
Stephanie joined the Resovle team in 2017 as a business and financial analyst. She has worked for the world’s largest food and beverage manufacturer for the past 8 years in reviewing and building business performance. Stephanie thoroughly enjoys analyzing businesses and identifying success and opportunities and implementing plans to help achieve new levels of success. She enjoys spending her times outdoors hiking and running. Stephanie currently resides in Denver, CO.
Kayla Di Noble
Operational Assistant
Kayla is an operational assistant here at Resolve. She is one of our versatile members – participating and learning in consulting opportunities, video design, and administrative tasks. One of her favorite joys about being a part of the Resolve family is the value the team places on the people within companies. The unfailing faith that the Resolve team has for others is obvious and warming to Kayla. While the Resolve team is comprised of members with many talents, Kayla takes pleasure in understanding and applying her IT skills. Not only does Kayla find happiness when working with others, she likes to learn different musical instruments and bake delicious goodies on her down time. Kayla currently resides in Macomb, Michigan.
Seth Reid
Instructional Designer
Seth is the Instructional Designer at Resolve. His job is to design courses and platforms that engage students with learning material that they can understand and effectively apply to their life and work. He appreciates the ability to learn new skills and accomplish challenging goals in his work. His favorite part about working with Resolve is his ability to make an impact on the way that people engage with their work. He is also an avid fan of chess and loves to study history. He is currently based in Jackson, Tennessee.
One more item of business. What are we talking about on this blog? I gave you the background and the philosophy of our organization. But what specifically are we going to talk about? We’re going to focus on what we know. That means we will talk about blue-collar work environments and operations management, fields in which we are trusted consultants. We will also talk about the virtue ethics of business; that is, we’ll talk about the purpose of business and how it should operate within the bounds of justice and righteousness.

We here at Resolve are ecstatic to begin this conversation with you. Be sure to subscribe to get notified when our next post goes live, or comment below to begin your part of the conversation.


About Seth Reid

Seth is the Instructional Designer at Resolve. His job is to design courses and platforms that engage students with learning material that they can understand and effectively apply to their life and work. He's also the blogrunner here at Resolve. That mostly means that he picks the pictures for the posts. He is also an avid fan of chess and loves to study history. He is currently based in Jackson, Tennessee.

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